Subject:                                     maestro* Weekly Tips & Tricks - Mass Transfer Options


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Tips & Tricks for Monday October 28th, 2013


Mass Transfer Options


Transferring transactions from within the processing screens only allows you to transfer one transaction at a time.  If you wish to transfer a batch of transactions you can use the MASS TRANSFER icon on the main toolbar.    *NOTE* Transfer options can be restricted/defined for each user




If you select the Mass Transfer Icon while you have the screen open where the items to transfer were entered, then the transfer window will automatically open to show these transactions.

From here you can select the individual transactions you wish to post, or you can select ALL.




The Mass Transfer program also has a ‘Simulation’ option that will allow you to see what the transaction will look like without ACTUALLY posting anything to your GL.

-          Select your transaction you wish to view

-          Click on SIMULATION

-          Click Transfer






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