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Tips & Tricks for Wednesday October 16th, 2013


Purchase Orders



When using the Stock Order from Catalogue, you can place orders for both catalogue items and NON-catalogue items by using special characters in the inventory code field.


1)      Use “.” in the inventory code field to tell the system that there is no item code, but that you want to enter something in the description field.  This can be used to enter comment lines, or blank lines.


2)      Use a “!” in the inventory code field to enter an item that doesn’t currently exist in your catalogue.  You can then proceed to enter the quantity and unit price for that item.

3)      You can also use the ‘UNIT PRICE’ icon to determine where the system got that price, and why.

Make sure your curser is on the line you wish to inquire on, click the black arrow beside the UNIT PRICE icon, than select unit price inquiry.





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